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The lovely ladies in my Facebook Group Stylish Confident You! often ask questions which is great.

One of my group members recently wanted some advice on styling an outfit she had bought for a special occasion and I was fascinated to read the comments.

Everyone who responded had a different suggestion, none of them were wrong, and what was clear to me was their choices were entirely due to their different Style Personalities.

I’ve talked about Style Personality before, but it’s a subject always worth revisiting as it can cause some confusion.Your Style Personality is based on the clothes and accessories you would wear all the time if money and lifestyle were no object. Your Style Personality determines how you shop, how often you shop, where you shop and how much you spend.

Knowing your style personality will help you understand how you choose clothes and will give you proper insight into why you might find it easier to buy casualwear but struggle to look smart when the occasion requires.We all have to adapt our wardrobes to the events that are currently occurring in our lives, but Style Personality isn’t about what you are wearing now, but about the clothes and styles you are naturally drawn to if budget and lifestyle wasn’t a factor.

Women typically will have one dominant Style Personality, but also a secondary, or possibly two secondary Style Personalities.To explain this better I decided to take one item of clothing and style it eight different ways, to represent each of the eight Style Personalities. I chose to style a red M&S Autograph jacket currently available in store and online and it can be purchased for £69.

The City Chic

City Chic’s love everything to do with city living. From the upmarket bars and restaurants, designer shops and boutiques and the diverse range of cultural activities and people, they are in their element when it comes to the metropolis!

City Chic girls love to look groomed and polished and wouldn’t think of stepping outside without applying some make-up. When it comes to clothes they look for sophisticated tailored clothes, with subtle detailing. They follow fashion, but are not a slave to the latest trends. They buy wardrobe basics such as jackets, skirts and trousers in chic neutrals…camel, brown, black, tan, and cream, and add colour with tops, knitwear and scarves. They favour luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, silk, satin and linen.

City Chic girls love their heels and feel frumpy in flats, and of course you are never without a fab handbag.

The Classic

A Classic is a well turned out lady who knows what she likes, and likes what she knows! Not for them the trends and hot new catwalk looks. They wouldn’t dream of buying anything simply because it was the latest fashion.

Classics will have a wardrobe of smart, coordinated separates and tailored dresses. They prefer a fairly neutral colour palette, and grey, navy, black and camel will predominate. They tend to avoid bold colours for items of clothing, preferring to brighten up their outfits with a scarf. At weekends Classics like to team a tailored jacket and shirt with a smart pair of dark navy jeans, or they’ll swap their jacket for a twin-set.

When it comes to shoes Classics love Brogues, ballet pumps from French Sole, or medium heeled court shoe. They like structured good quality leather handbags in brown, navy or black, and they are rarely seen without pearls.

The Creative

The word creative is defined in the English Oxford dictionary as “relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something,” and when it comes to clothes Creative’s are originality personified!

Creative Style Personalities love to throw together an eclectic mix of colour, texture and fabrics. They are never shy and retiring, on the contrary they relish standing out in a crowd.

Their work is likely to be as creative as their dress sense, and they can pull together items, and wear clothes that reflect their creativity, and give them a completely unique look. They love experimenting with colour, and where they shop is as eclectic as their wardrobe, from vintage stores, charity shops, the high street, markets and designers, they love putting clothes together that make them look different.

The Dramatic

Dramatics love to be noticed, and they stand out in a crowd with their striking, minimalistic, beautifully tailored clothes.

They don’t buy clothes to be practical or washable, and they like bold colour and accessories, with interesting detailing. Their favourite fabrics are worsted wool, crepe, silk jute and leather. Dramatic Style Personalities like to dress up, and will always be wearing the latest fashion in shoes, and carrying a large attention grabbing bag.

They might struggle when it comes to dressing down, or spending a weekend in the country.

Dramatic style personalities follow fashion, but are confident about putting outfits together, and always add their own twist and personality to what they are wearing.

The Fashionista

Fashionista’s eat, sleep, and breathe fashion, and their  iPad is welded to them so they can keep up to date with the latest trends and designer news. Net-A-Porter is their favourite on-line store, and they’ll be on the waiting list for all the latest looks.

Their wardrobe is full of designer pieces hot off the catwalk, interspersed with some savvy high street buys from Topshop, Zara, and Mango. They have no preference for any particular colour, as long as it’s the colour of the season! They will always be in the latest trends, and carrying the bag of the moment. Their hair and make-up is polished, and they are always up to date with the latest beauty fads.

The Natural

As the name suggests Natural’s love jeans and fitness wear. Comfort is at the top of their list of priorities, and they wouldn’t dream of going out in anything that pinched or dug in.

They steer well clear of the latest trends, and favour trainers and pumps. They rarely wear makeup, and their hair is often worn long and straight, and this probably hasn’t changed for several years.

They love their boyfriend jeans, and own a host of comfy soft T shirts and sweatshirt tops. They dread special occasions like weddings and parties where they are required to wear a dress, or a smart outfit, and they hate wearing heels. Naturals keep jewellery to an absolute minimum, and they only carry a bag if they have to.

The Rock Chick

A Rock Chick are one of those ladies who can look stylish whether they’re in a muddy festival field, or attending a smart party. They have a knack of looking laid back, relaxed and stylish, wherever they might be and it’s the Style Personality that is epitomised by celebrity Rock Chicks Sienna Miller and Kate Moss.

They love their jeans, and while shades of blue will be present in their wardrobe, they tend to favour black and grey. Their jeans are the mainstay of their wardrobe and teamed with a T shirt they are the wardrobe basics they use to build many of her outfits.

Rock Chicks prefer a fairly monochrome palette of black, grey and white, and they love the contrast of what are traditionally quite masculine items of clothing, worn with something more feminine, for instance a leather biker jacket and boots, with a chiffon skirt, a dress with wellies, or shorts and with a white shirt and waistcoat.

The Romantic

Romantics are girly girls, and feminine to the core. They love pretty details on their clothes such as bows, lace, ruffles, pin tucks and fringing. They shy away from bright bold colour, or a monochrome palette, in favour of ice cream colours and soft pastels. Baby pink, icy blue, peach, lemon, mint, and cream or white will predominate in their wardrobe.

Romantics adore matching feminine underwear, and their clothes have dainty decorative features. They like to wear heels, but strappy sandals and kitten heels, rather than platform courts. A Romantic wouldn’t be adverse to wearing flowers in their hair, and their favourite fabrics are angora, cashmere, chiffon and satin.

Styling one item eight different ways is an easy way to help you quickly identify which Style Personality you are. Which of the outfits I’ve styled do you like the best? I’d love to know so leave a comment below.








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