Gail Thomas - Entrepreneur,business owner and author of "The Art of Delegation "

I can't recommend Becky enough. I had an amazing time and ended up at least 8 new outfits better off (much from stuff I already have but didn't know how to wear). I’m thrilled and feel like I'd cheated the budget, as many clothes I'd not been wearing suddenly have become key pieces in my wardrobe. I know I've saved hundreds of pounds from her clever advice. Thank you for giving my wedding shoes a new lease on life! X

Linda Munster - Nutritional Therapist

Many thanks indeed for all your ideas and the clothes you purchased for me – I kept about 99% of them, so I think we could call that a massive success!

Alison McCloskey - Founder of Good Parents Getting Better

I have just had a business styling and personal shopping appointment with Becky from Look Great Feel Fabulous and I am absolutely thrilled!

I have been a client of Becky’s for a while, but I booked a business styling session with her after I recently asked her to give me some feedback on a video I recorded for my website.

Her first question regarding the video was to ask me why I had chosen to wear a casual short sleeved T shirt and jeans. I said it was because I wanted my target audience of Mums to see a mum.

Becky’s response was to ask me whether my clients wanted to pay a fellow mother for advice, or a highly qualified parenting coach with years of experience who could solve their parenting dilemmas.

When she put it like that I  had a bit of a light bulb moment and suddenly understood the importance of presenting a professional business image. Becky is brilliant at getting into your clients shoes and making you think about them, and what their expectations are of you.

Consequently, she has created a capsule wardrobe of  business clothes I feel comfortable in but that also portray an appropriate professional appearance. I have outfits for networking,1-2-1 sessions with clients and for speaking and presenting. (Another wardrobe minefield apparently!)

Jeanette Lendon  - Co owner Cocoon Photography

I have just been 'weeded'. Wardrobe Weeded that is by the bloody amazing Becky Redpath - Look Great Feel Fabulous. I have just got rid of 5 BIN BAGS of clothes. 5!!!! But the amazing thing is that I have discovered about 30 new outfits with the clothes that are left!!! How does that work??? I have rediscovered clothes that I (a) had totally forgotten about, (b), found out that I can get into clothes that I bought 10 years ago (and, yes, I still have them!!!), and (c) discovered clothes that still had the price tag on them!!! I am one very happy lady!!! I honestly thought I would end up with an empty wardrobe and a shopping list as long as my arm, but it was the exact opposite. Give Becky a call, I honestly feel amazing!!!!!

Martin Gladdish  - Company Director The Watered Meadow Ltd

As my wife's birthday was approaching, and being always on the lookout for new gift ideas, I met Becky and was instantly sold on her approach to image consultancy as a gift. To say that my wife loved the experience would be a total understatement. She was delighted to have some independent advice from someone who clearly knew her stuff; and it has given her confidence, inspiration and clarity about the clothes she now buys. It also saved me some money in the process... result.

Alyson Price - Director Curves Hitchin

I was confident when I met Becky that she was the ideal person to makeover my wardrobe and put together a business wardrobe for me.

I usually find stylists a little intimidating but I immediately wanted to get to know Becky.  I have worried in the past that a stylist would reflect their personal style on me and found that they usually dressed a little too 'old' and traditional.

After chatting to Becky about the look I like to achieve she instilled me with the confidence that my style is not too young for me and can transcend across the different areas of my business life.

Look Great Feel Fabulous has saved me a fortune, no more mistakes hanging in the wardrobe and a list of affordable wardrobe basics to complete my look!

Thank you Becky, I now look great and feel fabulous!

Sheena Clark - Mary Kay Independent Consultant

The service Becky provided was outstanding. Together we rid my wardrobe of so many mistakes and errors of judgment. Moving forward, I now have far more confidence in putting outfits together from my remaining clothes and will make future purchases with much more care and, I anticipate, far more success. The session was liberating, invigorating and confidence boosting.