Get Styled - Colour Analysis

How would you like to look youthful and vibrant without going through the expense and pain of surgery?

Adding colour to your wardrobe is the quickest and cheapest facelift there is!

The right colours for your skin tone will have you glowing. You will look younger and any facial lines or dark eye circles will be diminished, while the wrong colours will make you look tired and drawn. Most importantly people will comment on how well you look, rather than on something specific you’re wearing.

Book a Colour Analysis session with me and I’ll start by identifying whether you have cool or warm colouring. I’ll assess which of the four seasonal colour palettes you are and show you how to use your colours to organise your wardrobe, and to shop.

To complete your look I’ll explain how to use makeup so you look fresh and youthful, and I’ll advise you on the best hair shades for your skin tone.

Included in the price of the session is your personal mini colour swatch fan that you can keep in your bag and have to hand whenever you are shopping.

Get Styled -Body Shape Profiling

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes that you hardly wear? Would you like to know what styles are perfect for you, and those you should avoid at all costs? Perhaps you have a good idea of what looks good on you but you’d like to be 100% certain, or are you sick of shopping for hours only to return empty handed, or worse still wondering what on earth possessed you to buy an outfit that doesn’t do anything for you?

Body Shape Profiling will eliminate all these problems, and you’ll be able to wave goodbye to a cupboard full of items that hardly get worn, and say hello to a wardrobe that works for you.

Once you’ve taken the Look Great Feel Fabulous Body Shape Profiling test you’ll discover which of 14 body shapes you are. Becky will show you which styles are perfect for you, and those you should avoid, to ensure you look always look stylish and youthful.

N.B. Alternatively you can purchase Body Shape Profiling for just £19.99 here and take the test at home. Follow the three modules and videos, and in less than 30 minutes your Body Shape Profile will be revealed, along with the styles perfect for you, and those you should avoid.

Get Styled – Accessories

Accessories are a fantastic way of adding interest and personality to your outfits, as well as ensuring your look remains current and on trend.

Very few women make the most of accessories, but it’s amazing the difference adding a gorgeous scarf, some jewellery and fab bag can make to your outfit.

Kate Moss is undoubtedly a style icon, but take some time to analyse what she wears when she’s off duty and you will see that her basic wardrobe consists of jeans and T shirts. She’ll then add a jacket and finish off with some fabulous accessories.

In this session you’ll learn how to wear jewellery and scarves. You’ll discover what face shape you are and the styles of glasses and sunglasses that will suit you best. Becky will analyse your skin tone, and show you which metal types complement your colouring so you’ll be able to easily determine the sort of jewellery that works best for you.

Finally she will show you different types of bags and identify the style and colour that is best for you.

​Get Styled -Style Personality

Do you dread receiving an invitation to a wedding or posh do because you never know what to wear? Perhaps you struggle to find appropriate casual wear for weekends away, and feel much more comfortable in a skirt and heels, rather than jeans and flat boots.

The sort of clothes we are drawn to depends on your Style Personality, and explains why some occasions are more difficult to dress for than others.

There are eight Style Personalities in total, and the Look Great Feel Fabulous Style Personality test will determine yours.

Get Styled Offer

Buy four get one free. (Book all four sessions and receive “Get Styled - Style Personality” for free)

​Get Styled for Confidence and Success Skype Appointments

  • Do you lack confidence when it comes to buying clothes?
  • Is your wardrobe full of clothes that you don’t wear?
  • Have you a pile of separates none of which go together?
  • Do you struggle to find clothes that suit you?

​A Get Styled for Confidence and Success Skype appointment will solve all those problems.

What happens…​

Spend an hour on Skype with Becky and;

  • Get your Body Shape Profile nailed! - Becky will determine your profile and will discuss in detail the styles that will have you looking great and feeling fabulous and those that you should avoid.
  • Discover your Style Personality and how to add wow factor to all your outfits
  • Outfit critique – Email Becky between  one and three photographs of yourself in different outfits and she will give you honest helpful feedback to ensure you are always looking your best

​Get Styled for Confidence and Success Professional Profile Pictures 

  • Do you hate being in front of a camera?
  • Do you loathe the way you look in pictures?
  • Do you  look bigger than you are in  photographs?
  • Do you struggle to know what to wear?
  • Is your image congruent with your values and message?

​The way you present yourself is an extension of your personal brand  so it’s really important that your profile pictures are consistent across all your media platforms and are saying the right things about you.

Let Becky take the stress and anxiety away by:​

  • Visiting you at home to pick out two or three outfits for you to wear at the shoot
  • Advising you on the colours that will make you youthful and vibrant and the makeup that will compliment your look
  • Styling you at the photography shoot

If you don’t already have a photographer, that can be arranged as well!

Get Styled for Confidence and Success Staff Days

  • Are you a business owner that employs staff?
  • Do some or all of your team wear less than appropriate work wear?
  • Is your staff’s appearance damaging your brand?
  • Do you long to tell them to hide the muffin tops or reveal a little less cleavage but balk at the task?

Your staff are an extension of your brand and values and how they present themselves will impact on your business. Don’t let the comment below, made by a business colleague of mine after visiting a new hairdressers, be a reflection of what people are saying about your business!

" The staff had muffin tops, no makeup, sloppy shoes and yet a brand new gorgeous salon in a beautiful location! I don't want to go back!

What are your company’s values? Is your team conveying those values in the way they present themselves?

Book Becky to spend a morning or afternoon with your staff and she will share her  7 Steps to S.T.Y.L.I.N.G. for Confidence and Success Formula™ which is guaranteed to have your employees presenting themselves in a way that's congruent with your business brand and values.

Group Get Styled for Confidence and Success days

Let’s nail your style!

Spend a day with me and a small group of women and get to grips with your style and what it says about you! Wave goodbye to last minute panic attacks about what to wear for an important  engagement, or clothes that hang in your wardrobe unworn, or items that quite frankly do absolutely nothing for you, and say hello  to standing out for all the right reasons, feeling confident and looking great!

What you get​:

In the ‘’ Get Styled Day you get the support and interaction of a small group of women who understand that your business image is an extension of your message and personal brand.

Becky will:

  • Show you why positive first impressions really matter
  • Target your personal colour palette
  • Nail your style personality
  • Discover your Body Shape Profile
  • Show you the secrets to a perfect business capsule wardrobe
  • Reveal the one item that 70% of women get wrong and can alter the way you look
  • How to inexpensively add wow factor to your outfits
  • Critique a business outfit

​You’ll leave knowing what styles are perfect for YOUR shape and with the confidence to buy clothes that will have you looking and feeling fabulous and ready for success.

VIP 1-to-1 Get Styled for Confidence and Success day or half day

The luxury of a 1-2-1 appointment in your home with Becky isn’t for everyone, but if you are an ambitious entrepreneur:​

  • Who wants your image to be congruent with your personal brand
  • Who is growing and developing your business rapidly
  • Who has a hectic and exhausting work schedule
  • Who has a diary so packed you don’t have a minute to shop
  • Who never has time to plan  what to wear for important business and speaking events

Beckys 1-2-1 Styling for Success and Confidence sessions are guaranteed to solve those dilemmas.

In these 1-to-1 days you will discover:

  • The secrets of Body Shape Profiling – end the anxiety and uncertainty of choosing the right styles for your shape
  • How to dress for your potential clients expectations which will ensure they buy from you and not your competition
  • What you are wearing that is making you look bigger than you are
  • The secrets of a successful business wardrobe – guaranteed to save you money and costly mistakes
  • How to inexpensively add wow factor to your outfits
  • What 70% of women are getting wrong that will alter the way you look
  • How to reverse the 80/20 rule in your wardrobe to ensure you are making the most of all your clothes
  • 10 new outfits you didn’t know you had!

To book a 1-2-1 Styling for Confidence and Success appointment ring 01273 569031

Get Styled for Confidence and Success Personal Shopping Experience

  • How would like to take the stress out of shopping? 
  • Wouldn’t you love to be sure that everything you buy is perfect for your Body Shape Profile?
  • Perhaps some honest impartial advice that will have you looking and feeling fabulous would be helpful?

A personal shopping trip is the ideal solution if:

  • You want to make the most of the limited time you have
  • You lack confidence when shopping
  • You feel overwhelmed by the myriad of choice
  • You want to avoid costly mistakes
  • You hate looking for clothes

The good news is that if you have already had a 1-2-1 Styling for Confidence and Success appointment with me, I can shop for you and bring the items to you…you don’t have to leave your home or office!