Body Shape Profiling 

  • Do you have items of clothing that hang unworn in your wardrobe?
  • Do you lack confidence when it comes to buying clothes and dressing for events or special occasions?
  • Perhaps you have a good idea of what suits you but would like to be 100% certain you are getting it right?
  • Do you struggle to find clothes that are right for your body shape?

​If you said YES to any of the above then you need Body Shape Profiling!

I developed Body Shape Profiling to make it easy for women to identify which of 14 body shapes they are.

I know 14 sounds like a lot, but it takes into account all the small nuances and differences in our shapes.

In 3 short easy to follow modules and videos I will take you through the same process I take my 1-2-1 clients through, to reveal the styles that are perfect for you, and those you should avoid like the plague!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a wardrobe full of clothes you actually wear, knowing that everything in your closet was the perfect style for you.  

I’m certain you’d love to wave goodbye to fruitless shopping trips that yield nothing but sore feet, empty bags and a bad temper. Most importantly every one of my clients, like you, is eager to stop wasting money on items of clothing that never get worn.

Body Shape Profiling  £47​