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I love accessories! It takes a matter of seconds to inexpensively transform an outfit, while adding interest and personality to everything you wear. Accessories are so often neglected, yet when used well they have such a big impact.

Kate Moss is considered one of our greatest style icons, but take a close look at what she wears and you’ll soon see she has a standard uniform of T shirts and jeans or shorts, with a variety of jackets, and it’s simply the accessories she adds that make her outfits stand out.

This week I’m going to be looking at all the different groups of accessories, and showing you how you can transform everything you wear, but first take a look at the images which demonstrate how you can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary with the addition of accessories, and how you can take an outfit from day to night simply by changing the accessories!


Jewellery is one of the most effective ways of stamping Your Style Personality onto your outfits, and it doesn’t have to be costly to do this.Charity shops, car boot sales and vintage shops can all be great places to source inexpensive jewellery.It can be useful to have an idea not only of the sort of jewellery you like but also whether you want big and bold, or something altogether daintier.

Your build and frame will determine whether you should be wearing large chunky pieces of jewellery or something smaller and more delicate, and your shoes size is the easiest way to establish this.

A shoe size from 2 -5 indicates a small frame, and a shoe size from 6 -9 indicates a large frame. However, remember this is merely a guide, and the jewellery you wear should be much more influenced by your Style Personality and your preference.The diminutive New York socialite and style icon Iris Apfel doesn’t let her size prevent her from piling on necklaces and multiple bangles to great effect.


In my opinion you can never have too many scarves! Think of them as investment pieces that don’t go out of fashion. Not only that, they are great for pulling an outfit together. I own a few plain scarves in my best colours, but the majority of my scarves are patterned, be it plaid, checks, leopard print or abstract.

The key to ensuring your look is cohesive, is to choose a scarf that contains the colour of what you’re wearing on your top half, the colour of your skirt or trousers, and at least one or two other colours.It’s a simple but effective style trick that will have you looking chic and sophisticated.


I love bags as much as I love scarves, but unlike scarves, I do believe that unless you have unlimited storage and money to burn, the number of bags you own should be limited.

Bags need space to be stored properly, with some padding to maintain their shape, and preferably in a cloth bag so they don’t gather dust.

There are a host of different styles of bags, and fashions come and go, but the three bags that should be in your wardrobe are;

  1. A structured bag – as the name suggests this is a rigid bag that holds it shape when put down. It will always smarten up an outfit, so if you want to dress up your jeans and T shirt, add a pendant, some bangles, a pair of heels and a structured bag.
  2. An unstructured bag- This type of bag is a casual bag that collapses when put down. To make your outfit look more casual add an unstructured bag.
  3. A clutch bag – Big or small, they don’t have handles and are carried under the arm, or in the hand, and can take an outfit from day to night in an instance.

Buy bags in your neutral colours from your seasonal colour palette because this will ensure your bag tones with everything you wear. However if you don’t know your seasonal colours,  and if funds are limited by the best quality bag you can afford in tan. Tan goes beautifully with black, camel, navy, red, cream and brown so is a great colour to have in your wardrobe.

Sunglasses and Glasses

There’s wonderful selection of glasses and sunglasses available, and the colour and thickness of the frames you choose can dramatically alter your look. However your face shape will dictate the shape of your frames so use the table below to find your perfect frames

Face Shape Features Celebrities Glasses Earrings
Oval  Length is 1.5 x width, and curves gently at forehead and chin. Julia Roberts Lucky you!…your face shape allows you to wear any style of glasses Like your glasses all types of glasses will suit you
Square Length is less than 1.5 x width and has a square jaw and hairline and defined cheekbones  Demi Moore You suit rounded frames to soften the squareness of your face Look for disc shaped or hoop earrings. Like your glasses it’s all about adding curves
Round Face is the same width as length, with a soft rounded chin and no cheek bone definition   Choose dark square or rectangular frames Counteract the roundness of your face by wearing long dangly earrings
Heart Forehead is widest part of face with a narrow pointed chin Reese Witherspoon Rimless glasses are best as frames will make your face appear top heavy Chandelier earrings are great for you because they widen as they lengthen, helping balance your wide forehead
Rectangle/ Long Length is more than 1.5 x width, with square jaw and hairline. Liv Tyler Choose frames that are slightly wider than your face to counter balance the length Choose chunky earrings or hoops or discs that will broaden your face. Avoid anything long

12 Essential Accessories

  1. Scarves – These pull an outfit together beautifully, but rather than choose plain scarves look for patterns which contain at least three or four colours. When putting a scarf with an outfit ensure it has the colour of your top and your skirt or trousers within it, plus at least one other.


  1. Ankle Boots – Match these to your trousers for a flattering leg lengthening effect


  1. Flat Boots – A wardrobe essential. Great for country weekends, but equally fabulous in the city with black jeans and a Mac.


  1. Structured Bag – For work or an evening out a structured bag will always look chic.


  1. Unstructured Bag – For a laid back casual look an unstructured bag is perfect.


  1. A clutch bag  – Great from dressing up an outfit and taking it from day to evening with a change of bag and shoes.


  1. Layered Necklace – This will immediately add a bit of glamour to a simple scoop neck jumper or top.


  1. Pendant – if your shoe size is a 6 or above go for bold chunky pendants, but if you are a size 5 or smaller, choose something more delicate.


  1. Bangles- Layer bangles, and use different sizes to add interest to your outfits.


  1. Chandelier earrings – Available in a myriad of colours, they will add a bit of glamour to any outfit.


  1. Court Shoes – Timeless and elegant, an essential wardrobe basic.


  1. Ballet Pumps or Brogues – Flat shoes don’t have to be frumpy. Ballet pumps are available in a plethora of colours and fabrics, or go for a classic brogue in a gorgeous colour.

Learn to have fun with accessories, and if you don’t tend to use them, you’ll be surprised how a layered necklace, or two or thee single strand necklaces worn together can make to a simple sweater and trousers combination instantly more interesting.


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