Helping women over 45 look stylish & feel fabulous without spending a fortune

S.T.Y.L.I.N.G. you to look and feel your best

S.T.Y.L.I.N.G. you for confidence and success

  • Are you struggling to know what to wear because you’ve gained weight in places where you never had it before?
  • Do you worry you could be dressing inappropriately for your age, and do you look older than you are when you look in the mirror?
  • Are you feeling less confident about the way you look and how to dress?
  • Would you like to have a capsule wardrobe of clothes you love and wear rather than lots of mismatched separates?

So no more struggling on your own, I‘m here to help!

There's less and less time for you

At a stage in your life where you thought you might have a little more "me time" the reverse is true as you find ageing parents, teenagers, home life, and your career, encroach more and more on the few precious hours you have for you. 

Throw into the mix the weight gain in places where you’ve never carried weight, the spots, dry skin and hair, and of course the hot flushes (now there’s an understatement if there ever there was one. Hot flush…neoplastic volcanic eruption would be more like it!) it's not surprising your confidence has taken a nose dive.

You suddenly start wondering if the clothes you are wearing are too young for you, or you find yourself trying to dress to hide a tummy, or the hormonal upheaval your body is going through means the clothes in your wardrobe no longer look right.

You'd love a capsule wardrobe full of clothes in styles you know are perfect for you, and in colours that are right for your skin tone, so you look younger and vibrant, and you want to leave the house every day knowing you look you chic and stylish, but at the same time age appropriate.

This is where I can help

I’m Becky Redpath and I work with lovely women over 45, helping them look stylish & feel fabulous without spending a fortune. 

I'm 55, and in the last few years I gone from a size 12 to a size 16,so I know all about the weight gain that suddenly becomes really hard to shift , and I understand why you start to question your fashion choices once you hit a certain age. So I’m here to help you regain your confidence and show you how to manage your wardrobe, and choose outfits that will flatter your shape.

I have created the Seven Steps to S.T.Y.L.I.N.G. for Confidence and Success Formula™, which makes it easy to always look your best, and I am developer of Body Shape Profiling, an easy way to determine your shape, and the styles that will suit you best.

My unique 7 step S.T.Y.L.I.N.G - for Confidence and Success system, will ensure are always looking and feeling fabulous!

  • You deserve to look and feel confident in your clothes whatever your age
  • You can look chic and stylish despite your budget
  • You don’t need to suffer on your own because I can help and support you

Let’s work together and nail your style!​

I work with women in a variety of different ways.

If you'd like to be certain you are wearing the best styles for your shape, or you've gained weight in places where you never had it then Body Shape Profiling is an inexpensive, and quick place to start.

If you want to look youthful and vibrant without resorting to plastic surgery  Colour Analysis will do the trick!

If you'd like to learn about all aspects of personal styling, and give your confidence a well deserved boost a Group Get Styled for Confidence and Success VIP day will give you just the pick me up you deserve. I will teach you my unique 7 Steps to S.T.Y.L.I.N.G. for Confidence and Success Formula™ that will have you looking and feeling super confident.

Or if you would like some personal 1-to-1 attention in the comfort of your home then a VIP 1-to-1 Get Styled for Confidence and Success half or full day will solve all your wardrobe problems, and ensure you look and feel stylish, chic,and confident.

And if you hate shopping, feel overwhelmed by the choice, and come away having bought nothing a Get Styled for Confidence and Success Personal Shopping Experience is the answer.

For top tips and styling support join my Facebook group Stylish Confident You!

Or give me a call on 01273 569031 and we can have a chat about how I can help you, or if you prefer, drop me an email.